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Ceiling Insulation

Existing homes in Katy have different insulation needs than new ones. First, homeowners may not know if the home is insulated or not. Short of tearing off the drywall, you’ll need an insulation professional to evaluate the home’s current state of insulation. Second, older homes were built to different energy efficiency standards than today’s homes. Finally, since the home is already built and finished, insulation choices are limited.

Our Katy insulation specialists have been installing insulation in Katy’s older homes since 1986. In general, existing wood-framed houses in Katy should have attic insulation of between R30 to R60 and floor insulation values of R13 to R19. If the attic currently has three to four inches of insulation, consider adding R25 to R38 insulation.

Adding insulation to your existing Katy home can:

  • Reduce energy costs

  • Lead to a healthier indoor environment

  • Improve noise

  • Improve comfort

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